10:00 - 10:30
Conference Opening

10:00 Welcome (Christophe Dhaene, BOC)

10:05 Opening Speech (Bart Tommelein, Stad Oostende)

10:20 Theme Speech (Caroline Verstraete, moderator)

10:30 Business Overview Renewables in the Baltics (Thierry Aelens, Ignities)

10:50 Experiences in the Baltic Sea (Wim Verrept, Parkwind)

11:10 Towards an integrated grid in the Baltic Sea (Bernard Declercq, ELIA Group)

11:30 Protecting of Offshore Assets (Belgian Navy)

11:50 Power Market Dynamics with 100% Renewable Energy (Gerd Kupper, LaborElec)

Thierry Aelens (Ignities)
Wim Verrept (Parkwind)
Bernard Declercq (ELIA Group)
Gerd Kupper (LaborElec)

Moderator: Caroline Verstraete

Lunch and fair visit

10:00 - 17:00

Fair is free for every professionel, but registration is required.

Free flex offices and wifi available!

Welcome Speech (Joy Donné, FIT)

1. Health And Safety Award
2. Belgian Offshore Business Developer Award
3. Best Offshore Supplier Award
4. Innovation Award
5. Alliance partner award
6. Most loyal BOC member

19:00 - 22:30
VIP Dinner

IN VIP area Bagatelle.

Dinner is invitation only.


Welcome & opening speech on the importance green hydrogen | Marc Nuytemans, CEO De Blauwe Cluster

An overview on the results of Inn2POWER | Rebecca Verhaeghe, Project manager Inn2POWER, POM West-Vlaanderen

Green Hydrogen Landscape in the North Sea Region, featuring Belgium, UK, Germany, and the Netherlands | Stefan Van Laer, Project manager, WaterstofNet

Collaboration opportunities between Belgium and the Netherlands on green hydrogen & offshore wind | Karen van Stegeren, Dutch Diplomat, Consul General


Building a hydrogen backbone in Belgium | Fluxys

Insights on hydrogen production technologies in Belgium | Jean-Claude Bidaut, John Cockerill

Future needs for hydrogen test infrastructure in Belgium | Peter Simkens, Von Karman Institute

Success factors for accelerating the realization of the hydrogen value chain in Belgium | Sara Vander Beken, SWECO

Closing speech | Jean de Bethune, President POM West Flanders

12:15 - 13:00

Break-out session about value chain for hydrogen production

Break-out session about the hydrogen backbone

Break-out session about hydrogen production technologies

Break-out session about hydrogen test infrastructure

10:00 - 15:00

Fair is free for every professionel, but registration is required.

Free flex offices and wifi available!

Final speech and closing drink

Dirk Declerck (Port of Ostend)
Jean de Bethune / Lieven Tack (POM)