10:00 Welcome (Christophe Dhaene, BOC)

10:05 Opening Speech (Bart Tommelein, Stad Oostende)

10:20 Theme Speech (Caroline Verstraete, moderator)

10:30 Business Overview Renewables in the Baltics (Thierry Aelens, Ignitis)

10:50 Experiences in the Baltic Sea (Wim Verrept, Parkwind)

11:10 Towards an integrated grid in the Baltic Sea (Bernard De Clercq, ELIA Group)

11:30 Grid Balancing with 100% Renewable Energy (Dirk Biermann, 50Hertz)

11:50 Power Market Dynamics with 100% Renewable Energy (Gerd Küpper, Engie Impact)

Thierry Aelens (Ignitis)
Wim Verrept (Parkwind)
Bernard De Clercq (ELIA Group)
Dirk Biermann (50Hertz)
Gerd Küpper (Engie Impact)

Moderator: Caroline Verstraete

10:00 - 17:00

Fair is free for every professionel, but registration is required.

Free wifi available!

Welcome Speech – Joy Donné (FIT)

* Belgian Offshore Business Developer Award
* Innovation Award

Speech – Tinne Van der Straeten (Minister van Energie)

* Best Offshore Supplier Award

Speech – Vincent Hofmann (Belgian Offshore Cluster)

* Health And Safety Award
* Alliance partner award
* Most loyal BOC member

19:00 - 22:30
VIP Dinner

In VIP area Bagatelle.

Dinner is invitation only.


Welcome & opening speech on the importance green hydrogen | Marc Nuytemans, CEO De Blauwe Cluster

An overview on the results of Inn2POWER | Rebecca Verhaeghe, Project manager Inn2POWER, POM West-Vlaanderen

Green Hydrogen Landscape in the North Sea Region, featuring Belgium, UK, Germany, and the Netherlands | Stefan Van Laer, Project manager, WaterstofNet

Collaboration opportunities between Belgium and the Netherlands on green hydrogen & offshore wind | Karen van Stegeren, Dutch Diplomat, Consul General


Building a hydrogen backbone in Belgium | Laurent Remy, Fluxys

Insights on hydrogen production technologies in Belgium | Jean-Claude Bidaut, John Cockerill

Future needs for hydrogen test infrastructure in Belgium | Peter Simkens, Von Karman Institute

Success factors for accelerating the realization of the hydrogen value chain in Belgium | Sara Vander Beken, SWECO

Closing speech | speaker to be confirmed

12:15 - 13:00

Break-out session about value chain for hydrogen production

Break-out session about the hydrogen backbone

Break-out session about hydrogen production technologies

Break-out session about hydrogen test infrastructure

10:00 - 15:00

Fair is free for every professionel, but registration is required.

Free flex offices and wifi available!

Final speech and closing drink

Dirk Declerck (Port of Ostend)
Geert Dangreau (POM)